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Incredible Mechanical Music Player

Take a look at this instrument and how it is being played.

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Two Napa Valley Winery Tours

Introduction I am on a business trip this week to Petaluma, California, and for the first time in my career I brought my wife with me. She has never been to California and this seemed like a good time to … Continue reading

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At What Fuel Tank Level Should I Refuel?

It is cold in Minnesota right now and I hear the local motorheads warning people not to run their gas tanks down to empty. During winter, I hear this warning because of concerns that water vapor in the gas tank … Continue reading

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Funny the Little Things that Children Remember ..

My wife and I went out to dinner this weekend with our oldest son and his girlfriend. We had a good time reminiscing about “the good old days”. I always find it interesting that both of our sons fondly mention … Continue reading

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Rigging Cables is Really Important

I have been rather frustrated lately with the number of field failures I have encountered that are related to the humble cable tie (Figure 1 – Source). There are several problems related to cable ties. They are easy to over-tighten … Continue reading

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Wasted School Time

Introduction I frequently talk to young engineers who have just completed university. I am always curious as to what they studied in school. I sometimes wonder how much of their education time will end up having been wasted. I ask … Continue reading

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My Borg Name is “1 of 13″

I work for a small company that has 13 employees named “Mark”, which is my first name. It is common for me to be in meetings with three “Marks” present. I have had as many as six “Marks” in a … Continue reading

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A Tale of Getting Older

I was with a couple I have known for years this weekend. They have two daughters separated in age by five years. The younger daughter is just finishing high school and still lives at home. The older daughter is no … Continue reading

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Image of a Submarine At Periscope Depth

If you have ever wondered what a submarine looks like at periscope depth, here is a photo of the USS Key West (SSN-722). Source is the Wikipedia.

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My Favorite Animation Video

I love animation and I just stumbled upon an excerpt from a television show that I saw as a boy — “An Adventure in Art.” I found this video fascinating. As an added treat, one of the artists featured is … Continue reading

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